Pakistan’s Army Getting Trapped in Hardship

In a dream on December 4th, 2015, Muhammad Qasim makes duaa to Allah (SWT) to make him walk on the path of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He sees a building a goes to the roof, thinking that this is where Allah (SWT) will talk to him. Allah (SWT) talks to Qasim from the sky and tells him that He is sending a powerful big black helicopter to him and will teach him how to fly it. The helicopter arrives there and Allah (SWT) tells him how to fly it. Then Qasim takes the helicopter to the Pakistan Army and asks to go along with them. He tells them that he has been given the helicopter from Allah (SWT) and that Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told him that one day they will need him to take the Muslim Ummah out of darkness.

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