Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAWS) in Muhammad Qasim’s Dreams

Muhammad Qasim has been seeing special dreams for 27 years. In his dream, Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) told him to share his dreams with everyone. He has seen the Nur of Allah more than 500 times and the Prophet (SAWS) more than 280 times. Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAWS) began regularly coming in Qasim’s dreams in 1993 when he was 17 years old. In 2007, they started teaching him about things he should do and avoid. In 2014, they told him to share his dreams.

He started sharing his dreams to official people and other news and Islamic websites through email. Qasim did not get any good responses and no one believed in him. He did not know what to do. Then the Peshawar school attack occurred and he decided to share his dreams on the internet.

In 1994, Allah (SWT) told Qasim that He will fulfill all the promises He made to Qasim, and since then he has been waiting for when the time of His promises will come. Allah (SWT) also told him that one day He will help Qasim and give him success. Qasim does not know when the day will come and he is waiting, but he has not lost hope in Allah (SWT).

For more about Qasim’s dreams watch this video:

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