Black Jet Fighters of Pakistan Ready for Destruction of India

Muhammad Qasim has seen Ghazwa Hind many times in his dreams. This war is imposed on Pakistan and not only is it about the survival of Pakistan, but also the survival of Islam. This is because before the war, two of the castles of Islam are destroyed already, and Pakistan is the third castle. The army chief of Pakistan believes in the dreams as well and carries out actions according to the dreams. Pakistan improves and better rulers start ruling it. The country progresses a lot as well.

Upon seeing this, India tries to attack, but Allah (SWT) helps Pakistan with Black Fighter Jets and India doesn’t attack. Then other countries, the allies of India, start to prepare for war against Pakistan. India won’t attack alone due to Pakistan’s Black Fighter Jets. Other Muslims also begin joining Pakistan when they see the Black Fighter Jets and Islam is revived in Pakistan.

Pakistan becomes an advanced country and the true Islam spreads around the world.

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