Some Explanation on Ahadith of Khurasan

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Some Explanation on Ahadith of Khurasan

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Wed May 30, 2018 11:59 pm

Note one thing that in Arabic, there are two different words: Qabl and Qibal. Both have different meanings. Qabl means before or prior and Qibal means towards when referring to the direction. It has been noticed that in Ahadith of “Black Standards (will be) Rising”, when the word Mashriq is used then the word Qibal is used with it forming a meaning of “towards the Mashriq”. And when the word Khurasan is used then Min Qabl is used with it.

Here one more thing is that, Min Qabl always refers to something previous. Meaning: if we take a reference point and say Min Qabl al-(reference point) then it means something which lies even farther than the reference point to us, and not between the reference point and us. So Min Qabl al Khurasan means beyond al-Khurasan. For example, there are three points: A, B and C. Let A be our standing point. We then say: “C lies min qabl B”. In condition that A, B, C are in sequence in a line
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