Name of Dajjal

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Name of Dajjal

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:40 pm

Dajjal's Name

The full title for dajjal, as mentioned in the hadith', is AlMasih-AdDajjal having two words Masih and Dajjal.

Based on scholar and expert view the word Masih can have as much as fifty meanings based on context, sometimes even opposite. The root word of Masih is Masah with three alphabets Meem, Seen And H'a. Some of the core meanings of Masah are to smear, wipe out, to dissolve, melt, to cover or coat (with oil or paint), anoint e.t.c.

Extending the meanings of the root word Masah for the word Masih for the context of Dajjal, it means the smeared one and Dajjal's one eye will look like being smeared and his face rugged. It also means the wiped one because Dajjal is a source of falsehood and is bound to perish.
"And say, Truth has come, and perished the falsehood. Indeed, the falsehood is (bound) to perish". [Al-Isra-17:18].
Also Dajjal will be wiped clean of the Rahmah of Allah S.W.T. He will be provided with every tool with which he can deceive people but he will be devoid of the mercy of Allah S.W.T once he's finally unleashed.

Mughira b. Shu'ba reported that none else had asked more questions from Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) about the Dajjal than I, but He S.A.W.W simply said in a slight mood):
O, *my son*, why are you worried because of him? He will not harm you. I said: The people think that he would have with him rivers of water and mountains of bread, whereupon he said: He would be more insignificant in the sight of Allah than all these things. [Sahih Muslim Book 38, Hadith 39]

Dajjal is one of the three fitnah which will not leave any household untouched. He will travel great distances and will carry with him his jannah and jahannum so he will like wipe out whole of the earth with the blood of his believers and disbelievers.

One of the meanings of Al-Masih is dissolved or melted one. Wa-Allah I can say (based on a vision) that he will be dissolved into much of darkness and so much that he will absorb all the light of his surrounding. Also from Qasim's dreams, Dajjal will get buried into ground or soil before he gets unleashed with full power into the world. He is called the dissolved or melted one also because he will melt and dissolve in fear and anger when he sees 'Isa A.S just like salt gets dissolved into water.
"When the enemy of Allah (Dajjal) would see Him ('Isa A.S), it would melt/dissolve just as the salt dissolves itself in water and if He ('Isa A.S) were not to confront them at all, even then it would dissolve completely, but Allah would kill them by his hand and He ('Isa A.S) would show them their blood on his lance.
[Sahih Muslim Book 54, Hadith 44]

Next, the meanings of Al-Masih are of the covered or coated. This is because Dajjal has been covered in a shroud of mystery since long time. Since Adam A.S up to Muhammad S.A.W.W all have warned their people about this fitnah but it did not get revealed in their time.
As already said Dajjal will be covered in extreme level of darkness so much so that a believer will shiver out of the mere feeling of the darkness of his heart. Also Dajjal will initially paint himself as a well-wisher and good person and later will paint himself as a mighty and all powerful being but as the hadith' states he will much more insignificant in the sight of Allah S.W.T as to Him is nothing hidden of the earth and heavens and no one can reach up to His S.W.T power even if he has to amass the power of all beings on earth and in heavens. From Qasim's dreams, Dajjal is also able to change his appearance so that can also be one meaning of this but Allah Knows Best.

Next, for the meanings of anointed one Dajjal will revive several old and odd practices and will probably hold a large ceremony when he raises to his throne in a show of his pride. That I am saying not based on any hadith' but it looks evident from the acts of all Satanists and Dajjal worshippers who are waiting for his arrival.

You see that Masih have been originally used for 'Isa A.S and the reason that it is used for Dajjal is because there will apparently be many similarities between Dajjal and Hadhrat 'Isa A.S and Dajjal will try to impersonate Him A.S in many ways like for example 'Isa A.S used to revive dead from their graves and Dajjal too will claim to revive people from dead though his will be just a deception widely. For example he will ask a bedouin that if he revives his parents then will he will believe him. He will say yes and dajjal will summon two Shayateen in the shape of his parents to make him believe.

Certainly Allah Knows All Best.

Now,for the word Dajjal, Ad-Dajjaal has its rood words as Dajl (verbal noun), Dajal (verb) and Dajjal (short a) (verb) formed out of three alphabets Daal, Jeem, Laam. Some of the meanings of Dajl are to dye (especially in black), to mix or blend (especially dung with soil as a fertilizer), to lie e.t.c. The meanings of dajjal (short a) are to gild (coat cheap items with layer of gold), to claim special skills (especially in medicine field or magic).
Extending the meanings for the word Dajjaal from the meanings of its root words, this mean a person who dyes objects into other colours. It means a person who mixes things up. It means a person who coats and covers cheap things with thin layers of precious. It means a quack or a magician.
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