[Mansoor Ali's Dream] Fighting Dajjal in a Dream

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[Mansoor Ali's Dream] Fighting Dajjal in a Dream

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:37 pm

November, 2016

Dream of Dajjal

(Note: This dream of mine serves as a testimony to the possibility of fighting against dajjal in a dream. Many people take the wrong meaning out of 'Isa A.S slaying dajjal in the end times and they think that it is only 'Isa A.S who will be able to fight dajjal. And it also does not have to certainly happen in real life if one sees himself fighting against dajjal in a dream. The interpretations from various scholars is that fighting dajjal in a dream can simply mean that the person is fighting or will have to fight against the odds and lies or liars of the age).

I see myself in a narrow street with my friends and around there are tall buildings when suddenly I look towards the opening of the narrow street towards a broad road; I see that people are running away from something on that broad road. I think what’s this fuss and go towards the broad road.

There towards the west I see that something huge is destroying things around from which the people are trying to run away. I move on closer to the source of destruction and I realize that it’s dajjal. He picks up some cars and smash them to the buildings around.

I think I can not fight him and only ‘Isa A.S can so I try to hide and run but he’s closer so I hide myself behind a tree and wait for a chance to run. Soon his attention turns away and I try to run but he sees me and catches up to me and I say to myself that now’s your chance to fight or die.

At that time I turn up and look towards him in detail. He has in this dream the height equivalent to 3 or 4 story buildings (in the previous dreams I have seen him much more taller), he has both eyes and they are brownish in color and he has spike like protrusions on his body.

I start fighting him and I find that I am able to fight him as I use strategy to counter his attacks and hit his weak points. While I am fighting I am thinking where’s ‘Isa A.S and Mahdi who can better deal with it? Then I think never mind I will just engage him as long for ‘Isa A.S to come.

I use the spike like protrusions on his body to reach up to behind his neck. Around this time I see a small flashing sword in my hand with which I try to pierce his head but it does not have any serious effect on him.

He throws me off his head to the ground/road and as I try to stand back on my feet he gives me a strong punch which sends me flying high into the sky. When I am in the sky I see that the sky is darkened, there are red clouds and down on the ground there's like a deserted road.

After reaching a certain height I start falling to the ground and as I am falling, I think I am not going to survive this fall and will not be able to live more, this is my end but I fall safely to the ground without feeling any pain. I am amazed to see this and it motivates me to go fight more against dajjal.

I do not remember clearly this point onward and I do not remember where the dream ends.
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