[Mansoor Ali's Dream] Dream of Israeli Bombing on Palestinians

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[Mansoor Ali's Dream] Dream of Israeli Bombing on Palestinians

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:15 pm


I saw this dream around 2012 long before I knew Qasim, around the time Israel was bombing Gaza.
I saw in this dream that I am in a street of a city of Palestine and Israeli forces are bombing it. There is fear everywhere and hopeless cries for help.
I myself am in shock by this situation, and am searching for a safe place. I enter upon a mosque and I see that there are a lot of people already taking refuge there with majority being of women and children. There is not much space inside so I stand close to the gate of the mosque towards the inside.
We hope that we will be safe here and they will not bomb this place but then, as if they specifically target that place, we hear a sound like a bomb falling over the place. I say out loud to everyone to get out of there and as I am close by the gate, I help many to get out of there. I am of the last ones to exit the place.
As I get out and start running down the street, I find an infant child left in the mid of the street crying and the mother is not seen around while people are running here and there searching for cover. I pick up the child and start running again with the best of my effort in the direction of east while bombs are falling all around me.
I continue running like this for some time till the frequency of bombing decreases and I also find the mother of that child. I give the child in his mother's lap. The mother is glad to see her kid with tears falling off. I then take the street to exit the main gate of the city, and take a breath of relief once I exit. I then continue running further away. The dream ends there.
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