Rules for Posting Dreams Here

Helpers of Qasim can post their dreams here. Dreams posted here will be public. Please do not post your much personal dreams here.
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Rules for Posting Dreams Here

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:50 pm

The following rules are to be followed in this section of the forum:
1. This section is for Qasim's helpers to share their true dreams which they feel appropriate to be shared in Public. Only members with moderators status are able to post here, as per the general settings.

2. Post only dreams which you have indeed seen and not those about whom you have a confusion to be a dream or not. Do not make up dreams or lie about them for indeed it is Gunahe Kabira (big sin).

3. Post only good dreams and dreams of warnings and not bad dreams created either due to your personal fears or thoughts or from Shaitan. If you are confused about a dream being a true dream, share with other Qasim's helpers first to seek their advice or consult an expert scholar.

4. Post here only dreams which are in support of Qasim's dreams and/or are expected to benefit the public to increase them or motivate them in their belief in Islam and/or Qasim's dreams. Do not post dreams which will confuse the public. Dreams which somehow indicate self-praise are not to be accepted here.

5. The following format is to be followed for the titles of the post here: "[(Your Name)'s Dream] (Subject of Dream)" without round brackets as used here and quote marks. It is recommended to use capital letters for the first letter of each word of main focus in the title. For an example: [Mansoor Ali's Dream] Seeing Dajjal in a Dream.

6. Dreams here can be posted in any language but it is recommended to post either the dream or add its translation in main languages of this forum such as English and Urdu. It is highly recommended to make your dream understandable for others to read by using correct spellings and sentence structure; you can seek some one's help to correct it for you. It is better to post a dream in a language you are most fluent with in writing and request someone to reply with its translation.

7. Dreams of Qasim are always to be considered at a higher regard than the helpers' dreams. If a dream of a helper conflicts with Qasim's dreams then Qasim's dream must be given precedence over it; if such a case arises then a proper analysis is necessary into the truthfulness of the dream and its meanings.
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