They are Shifting the War to the Heart of Islam [10 Nov 2017]

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They are Shifting the War to the Heart of Islam [10 Nov 2017]

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:10 pm

They are shifting the war to the heart of Islam: We have to stand against it all together

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10 November 2017

İbrahim Karagül

Israel may attack south Lebanon at any moment. Saudi Arabia may also simultaneously enter Yemen. Iran may, with a game-changing move, pit Hezbollah against Israel before Israel finds the chance to strike. Parallel with Saudi Arabia and Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may harass Qatar.

When all this has happened, or while all this is happening, Tehran may directly strike Dubai. And when all this has happened, a while later, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait may come up on the agenda again. Israel may also invade Syria’s Golan area.

The war may spread from around the Red Sea to many fronts, all the way to the Persian Gulf, simultaneously. The Saudi Arabian peninsula may be surrounded in a great fire.

A great game has been set up

A very big game has been planned and staged. We are facing a very upsetting, worrying picture. The game has been set and the actors in the region, the local powers have been given their roles. The clock has been set in Riyadh. You can continue to think that all that has happened in Saudi Arabia is corruption or throne fights or money fights.

You can continue to think Crown Prince Mohammed Salman is trying to purge the old staff to form a young Saudi elite. You can continue to think that this is something limited to seizing the nearly $1 trillion assets of those who are detained.

Riyadh’s purge list made by the CIA and Mossad

Of course all of these exist. These are also included amid the great rumble we have witnessed in the last week. Everyone who is in some way disintegrated from the traditional Saudi administration, business men, the U.S. and Israel is being purged. Everyone who is against regional war is being purged.

Those who are against a Saudi-Iranian clash are being purged. Everybody who has the potential to object to the redesign of the region on behalf of Israel and the U.S. is being purged.

I am sure that the new Riyadh administration’s purge list was prepared entirely by the CIA and Mossad and handed to them. Just like a list was handed to those who perpetrated the coup in Turkey on Feb. 28. Just like the list of those who needed to be purged that was handed to the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), the perpetrator of the Dec. 17/25, 2013 and July 15, 2016 coup attempts.

They are going to destroy the entire region

But beyond all this, there is one other thing. That is what we actually need to be concerned and scared about: The West is planning to destroy the entire region. The new game has been set up around this destruction plan. Now, wars and crises will no longer be limited to states and regions. The new crisis will be served as a storm that will spread throughout the entire geography.

Now they are reformatting the Saudi administration for war with Iran. They are eliminating everyone who is against this scenario, everybody who may object to it. The U.S., U.K. and Israel have already taken Riyadh hostage. Together with Israel, they are going to first get them to attack Lebanon.

The shield set up by the U.S. and Israel in the UAE-Saudi Arabia-Egypt triangle is a front that will destroy the region. It is also a front that will drag Saudi Arabia to suicide, that will destroy it.

War is shifting to the heart of Islam

This front was shaped entirely on the showdown with Iran. However, before it reaches Iran, forces that are extensions of Iran, are going to be purged from Lebanon and Yemen. Qatar, which is believed to be in cooperation with Iran, which is believed to have betrayed the Arab world, is going to be retaliated against. These forces will be prevented from being a hindrance in the great war that will be caused in the next step.

Take note, the invasion of Iraq, the Syrian war, the clashes in Yemen are nothing next to the new great crisis, the new regional war scenario.

Numerous fronts are going to be simultaneously activated from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. The war is shifting to the center of Islam.

This is not a Sunni-Shiite war: This is an invasion project

This is not our war. This is not a war of Sunnis or Shiites. This is not a war of Turks, Arabs or Persians. This is one of the most destructive threats since the Crusades, since World War I.

We need to resist, stand against this storm without any regard to our ethnic identities, sectarian identities and the disputes between us. Because this is not our war; it is a project by the U.S. and Israel to pillage our region, to shred it to pieces. And the project has already been given the start.

Saudi Arabia asked its citizens in Lebanon to immediately leave the country. Israel has been conducting attack drills for days. Hezbollah has been spreading its units in Syria through Lebanon. The Houthis are bringing their missiles out of storage.

All together, we need to raise out voices high

If a voice does not stand out, if this plan is not ruined, if the UAE cannot be stopped, if the U.S. and Israel’s theories cannot be negated, then a grave regional crisis awaits us.

Please note that Saudi Arabia will be the one losing in this plan. Saudi Arabia is the one the trap has actually been set up for. But the entire region will lose. Perhaps no country can remain outside of this new crisis.

All together, we need to raise our voices high at the regional level. All together, we need to negate the regional war scenario and save the region and our countries. All together, we need to give strength to the regional resistance.

We must take action.
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