Threats Given for a Civil War in Turkey [12 Oct 2017]

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Threats Given for a Civil War in Turkey [12 Oct 2017]

Post by Mansoor.Ali » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:38 pm

Those telling us to ‘kneel’ are forgetting the memory of a nation that has ruled continents

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This article seems to be fully in axis with Qasim's dreams. When I first read it, it looked to me as if the author is reading the scenario from the Qasim's dream about destruction in Turkey. This content of this article shows that the threats to Turkey are real and Turkey seems to have been already warned about them. Note that this article is written much later after Qasim's dream about the destruction of Turkey.

12 October 2017

İbrahim Karagül

They say, we will perpetrate July 15, cause chaos in Turkey through invasion and civil war plots, bomb Parliament, murder civilians in the streets, crush people under tanks, protect that organization’s leader in Pennsylvania, help those involved in the coup escape and protect them, send a team to Marmaris and attempt an assassination on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

They tell us, but you don’t say anything, don’t hear anything, don’t know anything, don’t question and don’t raise your voice out against anything. Don’t you dare question any of these; don’t investigate who might be behind them, don’t be curious about the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) connection to the CIA, don’t know who we are in cooperation with in Turkey, don’t interfere with “our men,” don’t interrogate them and make them talk, do not restrict their area of movement.

They tell us to kneel, to surrender; there will be no such thing!

They say, we can conduct any kind of operation whenever we want to make Turkey kneel, we will have all kinds of dirty files put into execution, we will buy and gather people, we will apply all kinds of sanctions against the danger of Turkey’s nationalization and self-discovery, we will establish secret organizations inside Turkey, we will cause internal security problems through these organizations, we will blast bombs through these organizations and commit massacres.

They say: we will conduct both internal and external operations to isolate Turkey and Erdoğan, we will prepare all the details of social division inside Turkey and press the button; we will lay the foundation of identity wars and establish organizations and nongovernmental organizations and prepare cadres for this.

They say, you ignore all this, don’t see them, don’t have any knowledge on them, don’t take precautions, watch idly by, become stupefied like we tell you, and surrender.

They are imposing divided map drafts on us

They say, we will replace FETÖ with others, we will establish and breed new FETÖs under the conservative/Islamic identity, prepare for the next intervention through them, work on a new internal organization that will act in cooperation with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian branch, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), manage the money traffic in this context, buy out the media, buy out politicians, buy out businessmen, disrepute and weaken those who think national and local.

They say, we will close in on you from the south, we will establish a hundreds of kilometers long front along the Iranian and Iraqi border, we will send hundreds of truck-loads of weapons to the PKK/PYD to prepare for the war with Turkey, we will make military shipments for build-ups you have no idea about, we will seal off all of Turkey’s southern borders and take control of them, and when the second wave after the July 15 coup attempt starts, we will drown you in the Turk-Kurd clash and commence Anatolia’s division – similar to what we did in Iraq and Syria, we will lay the divided map drafts on the table for Turkey as well.

They say, cry and beg all you want: Yes, it has been heard and noted

They say, you cannot show any resistance against all this, you cannot make any objection, you cannot object in the name of defending the country, you cannot form your own national resistance, you cannot stand up against the U.S., you cannot say, “No, we will defend our own country, we are going to determine our own future,” you cannot say, “No, this country has a centuries-old history, it will not fall for these games,” you cannot prepare this nation for this great fight.

They say, we will push all the organizations in Syria to war with Turkey, we will confuse you with our men and cadres in Turkey and play with your state mind, we will force you to destroy your own future, we will use you in Syria and start the Turkey war there, we will drag you to fight Daesh and make room for the PKK/PYD, we will drag you to fight with al-Nusra and again make room for the PKK/PYD, we will set game after game to prevent the Idlib operation from turning toward the PKK/PYD, we will negate all your Syria theories, and stop you from building solidarity with the countries in the region.

They say, but still, don’t you dare say anything about all this; be ready for the doom that will catch you; kneel, surrender, cry and beg.

All this has been heard and noted.

But they are forgetting the memory of this nation that has ruled continents

But they forget... They forget history. They are forgetting our nation’s memory, the political history that goes back centuries. They forget that a nation that has ruled a region, that has ruled continents, the world system, will not fall for these cheap games; they forget that this nation knows what self-defense is. They forget the fight that was put up in all fronts, in all climates during World War I; they are forgetting what was witnessed then.

They are forgetting what the nations that have made history are capable of achieving during tough times, what kind of global-scale games they can change; they are forgetting that it has been able to do this for centuries.

They are unaware that every village will turn into a garrison

They are forgetting Anatolia’s resistance during the Crusade Wars, the great rise following their invasion plan.

They are forgetting that every village in Anatolia can become a garrison, every street in Istanbul can become a front and every individual can become a hero, a leader, a commander. They think all this is heroism, they thing they can pressure us in Anatolia, that we are going to be content what we have; they think we are going to say, “Do whatever you like as long as you don’t touch Turkey.”

The threat for Turkey is the force behind July 15 and the terror zone

The threat for Turkey has been identified. First, the force behind July 15 is the greatest threat. It is clear that the same force and forces are making preparations for a new wave. It is obvious that they are preparing for the “second wave” from the south. They are threatening Turkey through the PKK/PYD and Barzani, through the garrison zone they formed there, through the weapons they accumulated in that zone and through the terrorist organizations they trained and prepared for war.

Therefore, the only way is, regardless of what might be at stake, for Turkey to focus on options that would render that region, that terror zone meaningless before it is even completed. Yes, the aim of the Idlib operation is to close the terror zone’s Mediterranean gate.

Yet, that zone cannot be stopped before areas of intervention are determined from Afrin and three more locations in the West. There are no primary threats other than the PKK/PYD for Turkey; those pointing to different targets are part of that big game. Those who present this as “war” today are the partners of those who will bring the actual war into Turkey tomorrow.

The US no longer has any allies left in this zone

This threat will end in failure. Regardless of the amount of weapons they amass there, they will not succeed. The U.S. has no allies left in the region other than Israel, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani and the PKK/PYD. There is not a single country that is an ally with the U.S. from Turkey to the Chinese border.

A regional resistance map from Turkey to Pakistan is in the works; this should be strengthened and expedited. The U.S., which is currently trying to pressure Turkey from the north of Syria and Iraq, is about to lose the entire region. If it goes on like this, the Washington administration is going to have no time and energy left from dealing with the North Korea and Pacific crises, Europe’s internal problems and the East-West conflicts to break out in Eastern Europe.

Because, the U.S. has itself destroyed both its credibility and reliability across the world. It has no option left other than force, and no partners left other than terrorist organizations.

Threatening and losing Turkey is going to be the peak of it all.
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