The Forces of Dajjal

Muhammad Qasim's Dreams in English
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The Forces of Dajjal

Post by Hisham Mahdi » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:28 pm

I was sitting in my house. I rented the house and it was old. I was with a few people in a room. Alláh ﷻ sent a flying machine for me and gave a message that there's a place in space. And Allah ﷻ has called me there. I became very happy that Allah ﷻ has given me some work to do. And Jibril peace be with him came there too. I had already boarded that machine. I looked at him but he went to the room where the people were sitting. I went out towards that place. I was going forward with full speed and I went far away from earth. I passed from a place where there was darkness everywhere. When I looked back then there was darkness there too. I didn't stop and kept on moving forward. Suddenly some evil forces came and said "stop him if he reaches that place we will be destroyed." They attacked my flying machine. The flying machine got destroyed. I was saved with the Help of Allahﷻ. Nothing happened to me despite being in space. I kept on flying away from the impact and, I controlled myself and looked for the way to go back. I couldn't understand from which way I came. I estimated a way and went into that direction by using my arms and a lot of force. Soon I gained much speed. I said "Allah ﷻ has saved me in space and has allowed me to fly without the machine. He will guide me to the right path and I will go straight to earth and then to my home. I kept on flying and panicked that if I went astray then I probably won't ever be able to go back. Suddenly I saw earth and became very happy, Alláh ﷻ took me to my home. When I reached home Jibril peace be with him was still sitting with those people. I felt that he was talking to those people and telling them about me. I came back then he started to see me. I said "why is Jibril peace be with him watching me and why is he still here? I came from so far but he is still here. What is he doing sitting with these people?"

Then after sometime jibril peace be with him went away from there and those people also. After coming back I didn't meet anyone neither did I talk to anyone. I went and sat in another room and started to think. I said "why didn't Allah ﷻ tell me that there was danger on the way and if Allah ﷻ had told me then I wouldn't have never went in that direction." I became very sad. I said "I took so much risk and went so far. I used all my energy and the result was nothing. Had I known I wouldn't have went on this journey."

I started to become weak. I went to some place and I met a man from those people who were in the room. And he asked that happened to you? why are you so sad? I said "Allah ﷻ gave me a task to do and I couldn't do it. I keep on becoming weaker and this work is beyond my capacity." He said "don't lose hope like this. This difficult time will pass. You should go see a doctor." I went to a doctor and he gave me prescription for a medicine. He said "eat this and you will be fine again." I came back and thought "where can I find this medicine?" I showed it to that person.He said "I know where to get this from. I will get it for you," then I went to some place and a man was making a house there. And he was setting it really nicely.Upon seeing that I said "I wish I had a home like this also?" I met a second person and he was also from those people in the room. And he said "Qasim we are making a home for you too." I became very surprised. They are making a house for me? On which place and why? He took me to a place, and those people from the room were there. I said "these are the same people who were in the house and i was with them before going on the journey. Why are these people doing all this for me? How did they know that I wanted a home?"

Those people were working with devotion and honesty. I thought "did they receive a message from Allah ﷻ that they are doing all this?" Then the man reached me with the medicine.Upon seeing that medicine I said "these are multivitamins which my father used to eat". Then I took the medicine and started to watch that house. The house was rather small, upon seeing it? I said "this is a small home, hardly we all can fit in it. And it doesn't have a lot of space for walking either." I had to build a big house, and in my mind the same big house came which I often saw in my dreams. Then I said "it's better than having nothing. 'For now we can make it with this house, and then if Allah ﷻ wanted then we would also get that big house."

These people have worked really hard to make this small house. I was still standing there thinking all this. Then someone came near and said "a fight has started at such a place, that place was famous." I said "how is this possible?" He said "all this happened suddenly. You can go see for yourself."

When I saw the TV then really a fight had started there. The fight kept on spreading. And it became the cause for a huge calamity. I said "this just keeps on on spreading." Those people who were working with me started to work even more. They tell the people all that is going to happen which Qasim saw in the dreams. I became surprised on seeing all this, I said that these people are very honest who are doing all this.They were conveying the message to the people and telling them to unite. For if they didn't then from that war many Muslim countries will be destroyed.Many people sat around them and listened to this and many believed them.I said "I should go there myself and see what is happening." When I reached there a severe fight between Muslims and non Muslims was taking place. I couldn't understand, what should I do. Muslims were losing very badly. I mustered up courage and went forward. And there was a way leading to some place. I went there, then I reached an open area and I became surprised from what I saw there. The army of the non believers was getting ready there. Upon seeing it I said "this is the same army which I saw in my dreams. When it destroyed Turkey and Saudi Arabia and advanced towards Pakistan." There were many planes helicopters and land troops there. And I felt that this army is the army of Dajjal. Upon seeing all this I said "we muslims aren't powerful enough to fight this army." I turned back and went to those people and told them everything.

"The armies of the non believers are ready, this is the time when non believers destroy the Muslim countries."
They said "this means that we don't have much time." Those people kept on trying to reach out to even more people with the message. And said "the non believers are planning a huge attack on us and if we didn't use our brains and unite then a huge calamity will fall upon us. Pakistan will play a great role in this war. The time for Ghazwa e Hind is very near."

This time I saw that some well known people came and sat near them and listened carefully.
لا اله الا الله، محمد رسول الله

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