Allah's Punishment

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Allah's Punishment

Post by Hisham Mahdi » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:33 pm

I was in some place surrounded by homes and buildings. I felt that Allah ﷻ was right above us closer to us than the clouds. I felt that Allah ﷻ was in a state of extreme anger. With a loud and terrifying voice. He started saying things like the verses of punishment from Quran. I felt that Allah ﷻ gave some orders to these people. And these people did not obey nor did they care about it. And Allah ﷻ said "I will send the same punishment on you Like I have sent to those before who did not obey my order".

Allah ﷻ mentioned the punishment of the people of prophet lut peace be with him. And said "have you forgot this punishment of mine".

I said "oh no Allah ﷻ is very angry."

I saw the people were running around frantically and attempted to hide themselves. Everywhere they hid Allah ﷻ said. "I know where you're hiding and no one can hide from me". They started to run the other way and Allah ﷻ said the same. After seeing this I also started running to hide myself. I said "this is not good. When Allah ﷻ becomes angry then no one or nothing can stop him.It's better to stay away and find a safe place. I saw a few people running alongside me.I didn't ask them why they were running with me. I saw a place far away and I said "it looks good." I sat in a corner with my back against the wall. The people with me sat next to me. This place looks very peaceful. I still heard Allah's ﷻ voice however it was very low. I said that Allah ﷻ will not send his punishment here. I saw a few more big people arrive and they saw us sitting there. They said to each other.
"They are just sitting there in their peace. This must mean that Allah ﷻ will not send his punishment here."

Then I started to wait and worry that when will Allah's ﷻ anger end. When it does I decided to leave from there.
I thought that when I go back there will be nothing left.
لا اله الا الله، محمد رسول الله

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