Israel Will Start WW3 in Saudi Arabia & Middle East

In a dream on March 3, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw that when the destruction starts in Turkey, then Israel becomes very active. Israel builds a fort for Dajjal and Muslims can’t do anything other than protest. USA and Russia also support their groups. Then the World War 3 starts. USA and Russia also jump in the Middle East openly and start fighting each other. This causes a lot of destruction in the Middle East.

On the other hand, when Pakistan becomes stronger than USA, India and their allies attack Pakistan. Pakistan defends itself with the help of 3000 Black Fighter Jets (BFJ) and Ghazwah e Hind takes place. Ghazwah e Hind will be a part of World War 3 and India, USA and all their other allies will attack Pakistan. Muslims will get their first victory in the WW3 in the form of Ghazwah e Hind. After that Muslims from the east will jump into the Middle East and regain their lost territories from the enemies with the help of 3000 Black Fighter Jets (BFJ). BFJ will be the most modern aircraft of the world and Pakistan will defeat USA and Russia with the help of these BFJs and conquer and regain the Middle East. Eventually after defeating both the super powers Pakistan will itself become a super power and the true and peaceful Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will spread all over the world.

Check out the dream in Urdu here. In English here.

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