Pakistan and Its Army are in Danger

On March 20, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw enemies coming from outside the Pakistani border who were going to launch attacks in Pakistan. The Pakistan army saw them cross the border and were ready to fight back. The army was doing a good job in stopping the enemies, so they tried to find a different approach to hurt Pakistan. To weaken Pakistan internally, the enemies put some poison or chemicals in the food of the Pakistan army and the people become paralyzed.

Afghanistan and India attack from the borders. India attacks Lahore and the army was not able to fight back. The Pakistani people join the fight too. Later a country with a red flag warns India to stop its army. This country helps and supports Pakistan in the fight. India continues to send more viruses through drones in Pakistan, causing children to get ill. Upon seeing this, Qasim makes duaa to Allah (SWT) for His help and Allah (SWT) sends rain which cures the sick.

Qasim then starts heading to a meadow-like area and sees the head of the country with the red flag talking among some people. When the head sees Qasim he says “You are Qasim right? I have heard about your dreams. And they have become true as well.”

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