16 January 2019 kay khuaab main Muhammad Qasim kuch logo ko Pakistani hukumrano ke nakami ke wajoohaat bata rahay hotay hain.Wo batatay hn kay jub tuk her qism kay shirk ka khatima nahi kia jata Allah ke madad nahi aeygi.
On May 13th, 2018, Muhammad Qasim dreamed that the country of Pakistan is depleted of its funds and resources and the situation is becoming chaotic. India takes advantage of the situation and opens multiple fronts and begins killing people. [...]
غزوہ ہند میں پاکستان کا کتنا نقصان ہو گا؟ کیا بھارت تباہ ہو جائے گا ؟ کیا غزوہ ہند کے بعد پاکستان امریکہ اور روس سے بھی جنگ کرے گا؟ تفصیلات کے لئے ویڈیو دیکھیں۔
Her musalman sawal karta hay kay hum infaradee satah per bhi aur hukumati satah per bhi kamyaabee kaisay hasil kar saktay hain? Kamyabi ke kunji kia hay? Iska jawab hay kay Shirk say ijtanaab kar kayhe hum her tarah ke kamyabi hasil kar saktay [...]
Muhammad Qasim has seen Ghazwa Hind many times in his dreams. This war is imposed on Pakistan and not only is it about the survival of Pakistan, but also the survival of Islam. This is because before the war, two of the castles of Islam are [...]
How can Muslim Ummah come out of darkness and regain its lost status? Every Muslim asks how we can achieve success at the individual level and on the state level. What is the key to success? The answer to that is; by avoiding shirk. This video [...]
In this dream on March 19th, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw the President of USA going to Israel to meet with its Prime Minister. He decides to follow him there and then listens in on their conversation. The Israel PM tells the President that he has [...]
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