21 December 2017 kay Khuaab main Muhammad Qasim nay dekha kay America kay Sadar Hindustan kay zariyay Pakistan ko qaboo karnay kay mansoobay bana rahay hain. Unhon nay ye bhi dekha kay dushmanon kay jungi jahaz Pakistan ke fazaee hudood kay [...]
How can Muslim Ummah come out of darkness and regain its lost status? Every Muslim asks how we can achieve success at the individual level and on the state level. What is the key to success? The answer to that is; by avoiding shirk. This video [...]
7 February 2017 kay khuab main Muhammad Qasim nay dekha kay Israel Palestine main ek brown rung ke emaarat bunwata hay jski wajah say na sirf Falasteeni musalmano main ghum aur ghussay ke lehar dorjati hay balkay deegar Arab mumalik main bhi. [...]
On March 20, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw enemies coming from outside the Pakistani border who were going to launch attacks in Pakistan. The Pakistan army saw them cross the border and were ready to fight back. The army was doing a good job in [...]
Muhammad Qasim saw this dream around 2004. He sees that he is in a house and Prophet Muhammd (PBUH) comes to him and tells him that he has gotten admission to a good school. Qasim is happy and obeys the Prophet's (PBUH) command to read and [...]
Muhammad Qasim's first interview has been published on a national TV channel. Glad tidings for Pakistan about the future of Pakistan and Ghazwah e Hind. By the mercy of Allah Muhammad Qasim's dreams are a topic of discussion on the print and [...]
Muhammad Qasim has seen WW3 and Ghazwa E Hind in his dreams. Ghazwa E Hind will be a part of World War 3 and will be where Muslims will get their first victory against India. This war will be imposed on Pakistan and Pakistan will be forced to [...]
Mashriqe wusta, Saudi Arab aur Turkey ko tabah karnay kay baad Dajjali quwwatain Pakistan ka rukh karti hain. Army Cheif ko Muhammad Qasim kay khuabon ka pata chalta hay tou wo un kay khuabon kay mutabiq Pakistan ko bachaanay ke hikmate amli [...]
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