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Destruction in Muslims Countries, Earthquake is Symbolic

In a dream on October 9 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw that he is narrating a dream to the people that an earthquake will come and our weak buildings will fall and we will face huge problems. Due to this earthquake, big business buildings collapse because they are weak and it causes a lot of destruction. This creates a huge chaos in the country.

I saw this dream 9th October,2017. I was sharing my dreams with people that an earthquake will come and that our fragile buildings will be destroyed, and that this will create a huge problem for us. But the people said that ‘’It’s just a dream.’’ I told them that ‘’’Our business buildings are very damaged and they have huge cracks in them.’’ But they said that ‘’We have withstood many earthquakes and we are still here and not much has happened.’’ I said ‘’Yes, but our building will not be able to withstand any further earthquakes, our buildings will fall.’’ Then I saw myself moving into a very badly damaged building with huge cracks. In this building, me and my family members were doing business.  I told my family members that ‘’If an earthquake comes, then we will have to get out of this building immediately because this building will collapse.’’ But they kept on doing their work and after some time nothing happened.

I thought ‘’Maybe the earthquake will not come.’’ So I started to do work but suddenly, I felt the Earth slightly shaking, then I looked around and saw tiny objects shaking as well. I told myself that ‘’The earthquake is coming, that we have to get out of this building.’’ I shouted loudly that ‘’The earthquake is coming, leave this building fast.’’ Then I started to run downstairs very fast. In that time, a heavy earthquake came and the building started to shake heavily. I exited the building, and to my left, I saw another damaged building starting to collapse.

I said “Oh, no, this will be a huge loss for us because that building was huge.” A few of my family members also got out and I told them to ‘’Run, that huge building will create a lot of dust and it’s pieces are going to fall everywhere.’’ I started to run in the opposite direction but I saw other buildings started to fall, and I saw everyone running around frantically. I kept running towards my house, I saw almost every business building falling down. I said that ‘’This damage is intense and it’s a huge loss.’’ I saw that my house had no damage since our homes are strong and they can sustain heavy earthquakes, unlike our weak business buildings.

When I came home, the same family members entered and someone asked me ‘’What happened?’’ I said that ‘’All the homes and buildings are destroyed, The people are running around in worry, and the dust is spreading everywhere because of the collapse of the buildings. Another one said that ‘’What can we do now,? how can we sort this out?’’ I said that ‘’I informed all of you before that this is going to happen but no one listened, as of now, I don’t know what we could do to solve this, at least many of our homes are still safe.’’ Then we moved to a safer location and everyone was sad and worried.

When the people saw the destroyed buildings, they said to each other that “Where did that time go when these buildings were still standing and we were happy,? now everything is destroyed.’’ One of them asked me that “Qasim, what will happen to us,? please do something and recover all of this.” I became sad and thought that ‘’I can’t do anything in this situation, no one can, only Allah ﷻ is the one who can help us.’’

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