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Trump Modi Alliance Against Pakistan

U.S-ISRAEL-INDIA ALLIANCE [02-16-2017] Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Qasim’s dream: I was standing in front of the White House looking at how it was built, I was impressed with the way it was constructed. Then I went inside and passed through a hall until I reached a door, I entered the door and there were two people talking to each other, one man was begging the other person to make him his younger brother. He was saying how ‘’I will obey every command of yours,’’ and that ‘’I will do whatever you say, and look at this, I have spread destruction in Kashmir, the same way Israel did in Palestine and I did this all just to make you happy’’.

The other person smiled and said ‘’You have just earned your position as my younger brother,’’ that man became so happy and said ‘’I will never ever displease my older brother,’’ When I saw this, I became surprised thinking who are these people who have just become brothers, then the older brother left the room and I peeked inside to see who the younger brother was, I saw that it was the Prime Minister of India. I became surprised that he has become the younger brother of the president of America and now they will spread destruction together.

Then I followed the president of the U.S. where he was talking to someone else that other person was the Prime Minister of Israel. He said ‘’We have found a younger brother who will do exactly as we say, look at the work he has done he is following the exact path as yours. Then they both smiled and said that day is very soon, the day we will rule the entire world, he said ‘’I want to meet this younger brother of yours’’.

Then they both came out of the room the U.S President called out the Prime Minister of India and said ‘’There’s no need to hide anymore we will go forward with our mission together.’’Then the three of them shook hands they said ‘’Now we will surely crush the Muslims.’’

Upon seeing all of this I said that ‘’The Muslims are sleeping and the evil forces are working on their plan day and night, all of them are uniting and the Muslims will soon go through the worst tribulation and Pakistan will suffer as well.

(Dream ends)

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