Allah and Muhammad SAWS in Qasim Dreams

Muhammad Qasim's Divine Dreams.

Who is Muhammad Qasim.

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Allah SWT & Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. In Qasim's Dreams

Muhammad Qasim Ibni Abdul Kareem, is a citizen of Pakistan. He was born in Lahore, in the year 1977.

Muhammad Qasim has seen divine dreams for over 26 years where Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. have communicated to him. In many dreams, he has seen the future of Muslim Ummah, future of Pakistan, and the events that are to unfold before day of Judgement.
Muhammad Qasim has seen Allah SWT in his dreams over 500 times, and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. over 250 times, to date.

Allah & Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. told Muhammad Qasim in a dream that his dreams are true and what he has seen will come true, and that he must share these dreams with the World. 

Why is Muhammad Qasim Sharing his Dreams?

In my dreams, Allah and Muhammad ﷺ guided me to the right path. from 2007 Allah and Muhammad ﷺ started to teach me in my dreams about the things which I should do and the things which I should avoid, mostly Allah and Muhammad ﷺ told me to avoid from all types and forms of shirk, and how to be a good human.

The Mercy of Allah is for everyone and everything. Muhammad ﷺ is the last Messenger of Allah and I believe that Muhammad ﷺ is the last Prophet of Allah, I am the Ummati of Muhammad ﷺ and I am proud that I am the Ummati of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). In many dreams, Allah told me, Qasim go and spread light in the world as it is in darkness.

I do not claim to be Imam Mehdi. I just want to be a friend of Allah and nothing more than that and only Allah is my Wakeel.