An Amazing School, Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and Hazrat Umar (RA)

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An Amazing School, Hazrat Abu Bark (RA) and Hazrat Umar (RA)

I was living in a house. One day I was talking to myself. Allah ﷻ was watching me from the sky. “Qasim what sort of life is this?” “You don’t do anything special all day long”.

After some time, Muhammad ﷺ came to my home. And made me sit next to Him. And said “look Qasim l have got you admission in a nice school” (l have forgotten the name of the school). “You will go to school from tomorrow” He passed his hand over my head.

And said, “read and write in the school and then enlighten My name throughout the world as it once was”. I became incredibly happy that Allah ﷻ listened to me. Muhammad ﷺ got me admission in the school. And gave me the address of the school. And said, “reach the school before 8 tomorrow.” I said, “ok I will.” “lnshaAllah I reach the school on time.” Muhammad ﷺ. Did not give me any books. I had a few old books and I gathered them. And pressed and prepared clothes for the morning. I was thinking “it would be an ordinary school.” “Who is going to observe me there?” I woke up in the morning and got ready. And left my home. A bit far from the home came a road junction. I could not remember where to turn from here. Abu Bakr may Allah ﷻ be pleased with him was passing by. I stopped Him to ask the address of the school. Abu Bakr peace be with him became surprised hearing the name of the school. And looked at my state. And asked, “why are you asking the address of that school”? I said that I have admission, and this is the first day of mine. He looked at my admission letter and said “Mashallah”. He told me the way to the school. And I started to go towards the school. When I came near the school my eyes widened with surprise. I said, “how great is the building of this school.” I saw a few students who were wearing genuinely nice clothes. Their bags were also genuinely nice. I thought that have I entered another school? Then I looked at the name of the school.

And no this was my school. Why didn’t Muhammad ﷺ tell me that this school is very amazing. I became very confused after seeing all this and thought ”what is happening with me?” “My clothes are very ordinary.” “The books in my hand are also very old.” Outside the school was a cafe area. I sat there, and a few students came there. They sat on the table next to mine. I was getting nervous by seeing them. One of them asked my name and I told him my name. One called me and asked me to sit with them. I said to myself “Qasim get ready.” “They will make fun of you.” I sat with them and they talked to me very politely. And asked me that “are you a new student here”? I said, “yes this is my first day here”. One asked me “what will you eat”? I said, “I have already eaten from home”. They ordered juice and sandwiches for themselves and ordered for me. And said to me “don’t get tense”. “We are taught here that we are all brothers”. “And we should take care of others like we take care of ourselves”.

“And if you have any problem then tell anyone for, he will help you”. I thought SubhanAllah (glorified be Allahﷻ) the building of this school is amazing. Just like the students here are also amazing. But I was being affected by low self-esteem. I was becoming very ashamed. The school bell rang. Every student started to go towards the main gate. They told me to go with them also. I said to them “you all go I will go alone”. When they were all gone then I started to walk towards the main gate slowly. And said that “what just happened with me”? Muhammad ﷺ did not tell me that this school is very extraordinary.

And its students are also. So are their clothes and their bags, what should I do now? Every student of the class is wearing nice clothes. Only I am wearing old and torn clothes. My books are also old and rotten. And my shoe is plastic and broken. After saying this I closed my eyes. And said that it is better to go home than to get ashamed, Then I felt like the books just vanished from my hands, And I got a bag, I opened my eyes and I was surprised to see that my clothes were also changed.

And they were like the clothes of others. My shoes were also changed. And there was an amazing bag in my hands. After seeing all this I said, “how did this happen”? “What happened when I closed my eyes”. “That my clothes were changed to very nice clothes”?

Allah ﷻ said from the sky that. “Qasim it is impossible”. “That Allah ﷻ will leave alone someone on whose head is the shadow of Mercy of Muhammad”ﷺ. “And Allah ﷻ is very Merciful and is fully Dominant over everything”. After hearing this a wave of strange happiness went through my body. And I ran towards the main gate shouting in excitement. “Allah ﷻ made me like the other students of the school by his Mercy”. When I reached the gate then Umar peace be with him was standing there. I said “salaam” to Umar peace be with him. He replied to my greeting. And said that “l was waiting for you. I said to Umar peace be with him. “I also got admission in this school”. “And this is my first day”. Umar peace be with him said “. “SubhanAllah only those who can get admission in this school”.

“Are specially gifted by the Mercy of Allah” “Now we will go inside and then we will praise Allah ﷻ and then we will go to classes.” I said to Umar peace be with him. “I checked the schedule and you will take my first class”. He said “lnshaAllah”

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