End of Palestine, War in Saudi Arabia, and More.

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Muhammad Qasim saw this dream on March 19th, 2017.

He saw that the U.S. President went to Israel to meet with the Prime Minister. He decided to go and see what they were discussing. Qasim saw the two of them go to a separate and followed them to hear them. The Israeli Prime Minister said that he has almost completed the secret temple of Dajjal and that soon only the name of Palestine will be left. He also told the President, “Soon we will rule the Middle East.”

Qasim became shocked that they already had built the Temple of Dajjal. He left concerned and walked towards Palestine. He saw the Israel Army breaking down houses and children fleeing with their mothers. He became sad and wondered how they would survive. Then he noticed that they were going towards the building that he had just left. He asked them why they would go to the people oppressing them and they replied that it was the only option to save the children.

Qasim then left and went to find the Temple of Dajjal so he could destroy it before it is completed. He found the temple and it was completed. He felt something was going to happen and that he should get out of there, but suddenly a blast occurred causing sand and dust flow everywhere. Buildings and homes got destroyed. He remembered the children and started to look for them, but the sandstorm made it to hard to see. He finally saw them from afar but could not reach them. He felt helpless and knew that only Allah (SWT) can help them. He then decided to leave and his dream ended with him going to Pakistan.

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