Ghazwa E Hind and World War 3 Explained!

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Muhammad Qasim has seen WW3 and Ghazwa E Hind in his dreams. Ghazwa E Hind will be a part of World War 3 and will be where Muslims will get their first victory against India. This war will be imposed on Pakistan and Pakistan will be forced to defend itself and Islam. Because of the war Islam is endangered. A lot of the Muslim countries are in turmoil and nearly destroyed. To save Islam, Pakistan needs to be saved.

The Pakistan Army Chief will get a dream in which Prophet Muhammad (S) will witness to the truth of Qasim’s dreams. The Chief will believe in the dreams and soon more and more people will begin believing. Pakistan and its army will take steps to strengthen and the country will progress greatly. It will produce its own planes and new technologies and become a rich country. Pakistan will be prepared for the war yet to come.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East there will be a lot of destruction. After the fall of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Russia will try to take over the rest of the Middle East. Israel also gets involved and later the Unites States joins the takeover too. This is when World War 3 begins. After all the Arab countries are gone, India along with its allies, Israel and the United States, attack Pakistan, beginning Ghazwa E Hind.

Pakistan is ready to defend itself and Islam with the help of Allah. They have black fighter jets and people are amazed by their performance. Pakistan uses the jets to bring freedom back. Muslims from around the world come to join the effort. India and its allies vow to destroy Pakistan, but with the help of the black fighter jets Pakistan and the Muslims have their first victory in World War 3.

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