Important Work for Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), Rise of Islam from Khurasan & The Helpers

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Important Work for Prophet Muhammad SAWS, Rise of Islam from Khuarasan & The Helpers

I saw this dream in April 2015.

In this dream the prophet ﷺ of Allah ﷻ. Talked to me on a device similar to a phone. From his voice it seemed that he was very old tired and worried. He said “Qasim I called many people but none of them listened to me. Now I’m very tired and I don’t have any more strength.” I said “tell me what to do, I’m here for you”. He ﷺ said “Qasim I want to meet you. There is very important work can you come to me”. I said “why not I just have to make my passport and get the visa”.

He ﷺ said “okay but please do this quickly. I went to the travel agency and they said it will take 3 to 4 months. I called back Muhammad ﷺ. And told him the wait time. He became sad and said “you stay there, I will come to you”. I insisted that if you wait I will go. You are very old and tired and you shouldn’t have to come all this way. He said “no my son this work is very important and it should not be delayed”. I said “fine may Allah ﷻ make it easy for you.”

I prayed to Allah ﷻ to make it easy for my beloved ﷺ. Then I went to the airport and waited for him. When he arrived I became very happy and ran towards him he also became happy. I said “Allah ﷻ has brought you here safely”. He agreed and said “Allah ﷻ is very merciful.” I drove him home in my car. My house was on rent and the electricity was almost cut. He came in, sat down and said “no one has listened to me”.

“If my Islam stays in the same state then I fear that It will perish. Everyone is busy in their own work and no one is worried about me or my Islam. I want you to share the dream that Allah ﷻ has shown you”. “And spread my message amongst the people.”

“I brought a device so you can share my dreams and my message. And also tell the muslims that I said this. No matter how Qasim is he is after all a part of my ummah (nation). And I do not Differentiate anyone from my nation”.

“And don’t divide into groups saying islam will not rise from Pakistan. “Near qiyamah (day of judgement) Islam is going to rise from some place anyways. No matter where the good thing is the Muslims will be united again”.

“They will regain their lost status and Islam will be seen to the hole world with respect. And that’s all that should matter so what’s bad about that”. I replied “no matter how hard or dangerous this work is I will do it.” By the mercy of Allah ﷻ.

On hearing this so much happiness passed from the wet eyes of Muhammad ﷺ. He hugged me saying “I had faith in Allah ﷻ that you wouldn’t refuse”. He took a deep breath and gave thanks to Allah ﷻ. He said “Qasim there’s a map in this box. In that land when you build the real city of Islam by the mercy of Allah ﷻ”. “Then I will call you to come to me and then tell you what to do next”. I said to him “don’t worry now you take some rest. This job is mine now and I will do it by the mercy of Allah ﷻ Inshallah”

He started to pray to Allah ﷻ for my success and my help. I thought only Allah ﷻ can help me now. It will be impossible to do this without the help of Allah ﷻ. So i said Bismillah (with the name of Allah ﷻ) and started to do my work. I open the box and there was a tablet type device and a map. And a message from Muhammad ﷺ. There was also my dreams to share to the people. I went to big muslim people with this message and they laughed at me. They said “Qasim go and do something else and don’t waste our time”. This depressed me but I said “no I promised Muhammad ﷺ That I would do this work”.

I opened the map to see khurasan. And a drawing of a land in the east of khurasan which looked like Pakistan. Then there was a note. Saying “if near qiyamah (day of judgement) you see the real islam spreading from the land before khurasan. Join it even if you have to crawl with naked feet over mountains to get there.

I got a message from a person who talked to me in detail. He couldn’t understand me clearly. I told him come to my house I’ll show you a map. He came over and he said “yes I have read in a hadeeth (saying of Muhammad ﷺ) that it is not the land of khurasan but it’s the land before khurasan”.

“And if that’s true then the army of black standards (flags/black jets) is the army of Pakistan”. I said “Yes Pakistan’s army is the best army in the world. Because they are killing terrorists one by one”. He said “We must convey this message to the army of Pakistan. We have to save the last castle of Islam”. I agreed saying we should do it quickly.

Muhammad ﷺ also said. “That the one who reads my message should share with others”. Other people joined us and we started to work in the form of groups. Other people spread the dreams and the message very quickly. They were spread throughout the entire world by the mercy of Allah ﷻ. The big people said we should have believed you before. I said to them that “if Allah ﷻ was never merciful and didn’t help us. We would have never been able to accomplish this”.

(Dream Ends)

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