Israel’s Actions and the Destruction of the Middle East

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
Assalamo alaykum.My name is Muhammad Qasim.I live in Lahore, Pakistan.I saw this dream on 7th February,2017.I saw Israel started building a large brown colored building in the land of Palestine, because of this the Muslims of Palestine became very angry and then every Arab country also became angry.
Thinking ‘’Why is Israel making a building there,? this is the land of the Muslims.’’
Then the Muslims of the world raise their voices against it, they started to protest against Israel but Israel did not stop and the Muslims were unable to do anything either then protest.
When I saw this I said ‘’What kind of building is this that so many Muslims are protesting.’’
I went on a flying machine similar to a plane to see what the building was when I came closer I saw more and more Muslims protesting and Israel had almost completed the building.
When lights were turned on in that building then Muslim started to protest even more then suddenly there was a huge blast in the base of the building.
The impact was so much that the entire building was changed overnight and because of this a terrifying dust storm was formed and it spread everywhere, many Muslims and their families were affected by it.
I saw most of the men women and children dying in thousands, the dust storm was so enormous that the light of the sun couldn’t even reach the Earth.
It felt like a dark evening and due to this dust storm no one could call for help either, I couldn’t stand to watch this so I turned away but the storm kept on spreading it even spread to countries such as Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and many more.
It spread so much destruction that I can’t even explain in words millions were dying instantly, it was so horrible I wish it would never happen like this.
I said to myself that ‘’What exactly did Israel do to cause such a huge storm?, what was in that building that Arab countries were angry about,? and when will this horrible storm stop?’’ (Dream ends)

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