Musalmano ki Dajjal se Akhri Jang

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Jub Allah Taal apni rehmat say pooree dunya ko aman aur insaaf say bhar detay hain tou us kay kuch salon kay baad Dajjal zahir hojata hay.Wo khudaee ka dawa karta hay aur us kay pas bayshumar jadooee taqatain hoti hain. Wo logon ko hamaisha ke zindagi aur jawani ka lalach deta hay aur kamzor eeman walay us kay groh main shamil ho jatay hain. Wo Muhammad Qasim ko bhi apnay sath mil janay ko kehta hay aur qatal ke dhamki bhi deta hay magar wo nahi mantay aur musalmano ko khabardar kartay hain kay wo Dajjal kay fitnay say khud ko bachaen. Muhammad Qasim eeman walon ko aamaada kartay hain kay wo Dajjal say larnay kay lyay aur us kay fitnay ko khatum karnay kay lyay un ka sath dain. Yoon Musalmanon aur Dajjal ke jung shuru hoti hay. Ek moqay per Dajjal Muhammad Qasim ko zakhmi kar deta hay. Wo bhagtay hain tou chataan ka ek paththar kehta hay kay meray peechay chup jao magar Muhammad Qasim us say madad lainay say inkar kr detay hain aur Allah ko pukartay hain tou Allah ka noor asmaan say zahir hota hay aur sath walay pahar per bijlee girtee hay. Pahar bhi reza reza hojata hay aur Dajjal behosh ho kar gir jata hay. Kuch dair behosh rehnay kay baad wo dobara sargaram ho jata hay.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
Assalamo alaykum.My name is Muhammad Qasim.I live in Lahore, Pakistan.In my dreams, I’ve seen Dajjal many times, Dajjal’s height is 6 feet and 1 or 2 inches, little curly hair, a little black colored skin.
Dajjal’s face was cruel and when he walks it seemed like no one can stand before him.
He seems like a normal man to me but he had many magical powers.
In one dream Satan calls him as his Rich Warlord.
When Allah ﷻ fills the entire world with his Nur by his Mercy then after that it becomes filled with peace for a while, and after a few years Dajjal suddenly appeared.
When the Dajjal appeared then the people became worried, Dajjal claimed to be a God and he had also powers to support his claim.
Dajjal tried to lure the people by false promises to get eternal youth and life and people with weak faith started to follow him very quickly.
I went to stop the Dajjal and he said that “Qasim join me, I will give you eternal life and Youth.”
So I asked Dajjal that “What will happen by that, one day we are all going to die and you will never succeed in your purpose and you have to die one day also, the Lord of me and you is one Allah the Lord of all the worlds.’’
Upon hearing this the Dajjal became irritated and changed his appearance into a very terrifying one and my body started to shake, and I couldn’t muster up courage to say anything.
and Dajjal said to me that “Qasim if you do not join me then I will kill you, so go home and think carefully which path you want to choose.”
Then I came home to Muslims and said that ‘’If anyone went to Dajjal then there’s a 99.9% chance that he would join him.
Dajjal is a great trial and only those can save themselves from this trial upon whom is the special mercy of Allah and Oh Muslims instead of joining Dajjal it is better that we die as Muslims, come let’s die in the way of Allah ﷻ while fighting Dajjal.’’
All the Muslims agreed and we wage war against Dajjal, the Muslim Army fought with Dajjal’s Army and I fought with Dajjal and engaged him so he won’t be able to use his powers on the Muslim Army.
And so that the Muslim Army may deliver as much damage as possible to Dajjal’s Army.
The Nur of Allah ﷻ appeared on my right hand index finger and I keep on fighting Dajjal for a long time with the nur of Allah. ﷻ
But Dajjal was very powerful and while fighting him suddenly the Nur of Allah ﷻ disappeared from my index finger and I said that ‘’Qasim run away from here.’’
And Dajjal came after me and said that “Qasim I will not let you go alive today,’’ and I started to run in the air with the mercy of Allah.ﷻ
And I kept running till I reached a mountain terrain and Dajjal also came there after me, Dajjal attacked me from the back and I fell down there injured.
A large Stone was lying there and it opened and said that ‘’Qasim hide yourself inside me I will save you from Dajjal.’’
But I refused and with that Dajjal approached towards me and said that, “Qasim get ready to die.”
He was going to kill me but at that time I called Allah, ﷻ that “Ya Allah help me” and then the word Allah ﷻ written came down from the sky and then Allah ﷻ threw lightning on a mountain near by and a terrifying sound was produced and the mountain shattered after becoming black and Dajjal fainted and fell down.
And then Allah ﷻ healed my injury and said that “Dajjal has only fainted for 4 hours, and then he will wake up after 4 hours, You run away from here and hide yourself somewhere and as long as I do not command, do not come in front of Dajjal”.
I thanked Allah ﷻ that he saved me and then I ran away from there.
When Dajjal woke up again then he thought that he had killed me.
And the Dajjal came back to Muslims and told them that he had killed me and the Muslims felt weak after hearing this and Dajjal continued his Mission again without any hurdle.

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