Pakistan Will Lead World War 3 | Muhammad Qasim Dream

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Muhammad Qasim Bin AbdulKarim

Keeping in view the advancements in the recent worldwide events that are unfolding their mysterious nature, we will explain some of the facts about the WW3 or Ghazwa-e-Hind that you have never heard of before from anyone.

As we can see that a lot of terrorist groups have emerged in the Middle East in the recent years, it is imperative to separate Islam and its peaceful teachings from the actions of these agenda driven and engineered terrorist groups. Needless to go into the details that who created these groups, since enlightened minds are well aware of this conspiracy against Islam.

I, Muhammad Qasim, have been continuously seeing dreams for the past 28 years about Pakistan, the coming of the Day of Judgment and Islam. I have also seen Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in my dreams for more than 300 times. Some years ago Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave me an order in my dreams to share my dreams with the people and to convey the message of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This fact is completely clear that we are living in the end of times and the Day of Judgment is very near. I have also seen Prophet Jesus PBUH in my dreams many times.

On 3rd March 2017, I saw a dream about World War 3. In this dream destruction started in Turkey and Russia jumped into the Middle East to capture lands. Then Israel also became very active and USA supported Israel by all means, but at some point USA also jumped into the Middle East and then the World War 3 (Malhama tul Kubra) also known as Armageddon, started and Arab Countries were badly affected. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Egypt and other Arab Countries lost their territories. Then India and its allies USA and Israel attacked Pakistan and that war is called as Ghazwa e Hind. Ghazwa Hind will be a part of WW3. Muslims were continuously being defeated in the third world war and a terrible destruction was spread in the Middle East. After this the enemies wanted to destroy Pakistan but God helped Pakistan and its army with His unseen forces and Black Fighter Jets (Black Flags of Land before Khorasan). Then the war against Pakistan began and Pakistan won the war, and Muslims got their first Victory in WW3 in the form of Ghazwa-e-Hind. After that Pakistan also jumped into the Middle East, conquered the lost areas and defeated both the Super Powers, USA and Russia, and became a Super Power alone in the world. Then the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad PBUH spread to the whole world and the world became peaceful.

In a dream on 19th March 2017, I saw that the Prime Minister of Israel told the President of America that we have almost completed the castle of Dajjal/Antichrist (which was a brown colored building) and very soon only the name of Palestine will be left and we will rule the entire Middle East. Then the President of America said that not only the Middle East but the entire world will be under our governance. When Israel started to create a brown colored building in the area of Palestine then the Muslims protested a lot. Suddenly in the base of the building there was a huge blast and due to it a terrifying dust storm was created and it started to spread everywhere, a huge number of Muslims died and this storm spread all across the Middle East, Egypt, Sudan and many other Arab countries. I thought that what Israel did which caused destruction of such a magnitude!?

In a dream on December 2014, I saw Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as three big castles of Islam. The enemies of Islam tried to destroy these castles one after another. First of all an attempt was made to destroy Turkey and they destroyed it without facing much resistance. After this those forces went for Saudi Arabia and destroyed it.

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Prediction / Prophecies about End of Times and Coming Great War Events

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