Pakistan’s Economic Crisis

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In a dream on May 26, 2018, Muhammad Qasim was thinking about how the Pakistan army would get poisoned by enemies. He then heard a voice which said that “Its the dollar and the fuel.” The Pakistan army would be paralyzed if they lost these. Without dollars, they would not be able to buy fuel.

Qasim then saw that the condition of Pakistan was worsened and it had to pay the debt installment. Some army officials suggested to ask Pakistanis overseas for money for fuel, but that help could not last forever. The debt installment was paid, however there was little dollars left in the reserve. The army chief began imposing restrictions to reduce expenses and news stations were also broadcasting public service announcements.

The enemies began more chaos in cities causing the army to go out of control. Qasim then went to meet an army officer to tell him about his dreams. There is some commotion and he sees that the Chief of Army Staff has come. Qasim remembers a dream in which he say the chief was in danger. He meets with the chief and starts telling him his dreams about the chaos, World War 3, and Pakistan’s strategy. Then the chief says that the dreams have no connection with reality and that they have everything under control.


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