The First Sign of Qasim’s Dream

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Muhammad Qasim saw this dream on June 6th, 2017.

He saw that he was in a big hall telling some people about his dreams and how a very bad time will come upon the Muslims. But Allah (SWT) will help the Muslims and Islam will spread to the entire world. Someone asked Qasim when his dreams will become true, but he did not know. It is up to the will of Allah. Another asked him what signs show that his dreams are true and how they could believe him. He had nothing to say and left.

Then one man said he believed him and said he will try to find out when the dreams will come true. He then went away and entered some library-like room and there was a book with a paper in it. He opened the paper and it had writing on it. The first sign of Qasim’s dream:

“They will try to make Pakistan as ‘Tora Bora’.”

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