Trump and Israel’s Secret Plans for Jerusalem

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
Assalamo alaykum.My name is Muhammad Qasim.I live in Lahore, Pakistan.I saw this dream on 19 th March,2017. I saw that the president of U.S.A went to Israel for a visit.
I said that ‘’There must be a reason for this and I have to find out why,’’ I wore a suit and flew to Israel on a plane type machine, the president of the U.S.A and the prime minister of Israel gathered in a building to meet.
I said that ‘’I must go inside and if Allah ﷻ Wills then no one will recognize me’’, I took a Allahs ﷻ name meaning Bismillah and went inside no one stopped me since they thought I was part of the meeting.
There was a huge hall in the building and there were many people in it, I kept an eye on the president of U.S.A and the Prime Minister of Israel, then they both went to the corner of the room to a cabinet type area.
I followed them and saw that they sat there and started talking, I said that ‘’I have to get closer in order to hear what they’re talking about’’.
‘’I don’t think they will recognize me since no one has yet,’’ I stood near them as if I was minding my own business, Israel’s prime minister said that I have almost completed the secret Temple of Dajjal and soon only the name of Palestine will be left and then we will rule the entire Middle East.
I became shocked that they had already built the Temple of Dajjal while I was unaware, I came out from there in a state of great concern and I started to go towards Palestine.
I saw that the army of Israel were breaking the houses of Palestine, I saw small children of Palestine were fleeing with their mothers, I became saddened on seeing those small children that such a great hardship has come upon them.
I said that ‘’How will they survive and who will help them’’?
Then I saw that all of them were going towards the building in which I just left, I said that why are you going towards this building where the plans for your slaughter are being made?’’
The woman said that ‘’Where will we take these small children of ours then,? perhaps they will kill us but maybe they will have mercy on our children,’’
I became even more saddened on hearing this, I said that those people are very oppressive and they had made a plan to finish everyone.
I quickly boarded my plane and went to find the Temple of Dajjal so that I can destroy it before it is completed, I soon found the Temple of Dajjal it was a light brown colored building and it was completed.
After seeing this I said that ‘’Something is going to happen and it’s best to get out of there,’’ just as I turned a blast occurred and sand and dust started blowing everywhere and big buildings started to get destroyed and the home of Muslims started to become damaged very badly.
I thought about those kids and I started to search for them in the storm but the storm was too big due to which the light of the sun could not reach the earth and the temperature also fell very low.
Then I saw those women and children from far away upon seeing those kids I said that ‘’How will they survive outside in this low temperature?, I tried my best to reach them but the sandstorm was too much that I couldn’t reach them.
I grieved over my helplessness thinking that ‘’I can’t do anything to help them and no one else will do anything either, only Allah ﷻ can help them now.’’
I saw the sandstorm spreading as well as the destruction that it was causing, I said to myself that ‘’let’s go back if this machine stops working then I will be trapped here as well’’. Then I went towards Pakistan. (Dream ends)

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