Allah and Muhammad SAWS in Qasim Dreams

Assassination of Nawaz Sharif and Its Huge Impact on Pakistan

Assalamo alaykum. My name is Muhammad Qasim. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I saw this dream in 05-04-2018. see that Nawaz Shareef former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been disqualified and he is holding big gatherings all over the country and protesting with his famous slogan “mujhe kiyu nikala” meaning “why have you disqualified me”!
“This is injustice and this is not how you run a state or a country, I am being targeted according to a well thought out plan but I am not going to give up.”
His daughter Maryam Nawaz is also with him and she also protests in the similar fashion.
Many people make a mockery of the speeches of Nawaz Shareef and they laugh at them, they also oppose his stance and present the counter narrative against it but Nawaz Shareef still doesn’t back off.
Then the political activities of Nawaz Shareef start getting limited and his speeches are not broadcasted either.
Many people leave his political party and this creates even more problems and difficulties for him, due to this he gets a lot of mental stress and is unable to figure out how to get out of this difficult situation.
Nawaz Shareef keeps losing powers but he keeps protesting even more than ever.
Then he limits himself to his house and starts recording his protest from there that “Injustice is being done with me.”
He says “No one can stop me and look despite sitting in my house I am still sending my message across to the whole world.”
He says that “They didn’t do the right thing by limiting my activities.”
And his daughter stands with him through it all and completely supports his stance.
Many people express their feelings against Nawaz Shareef and due to the mental stress his health also starts to deteriorate.
I keep observing all this situation and then I see Nawaz Shareef going towards his room.
His daughter Maryam Nawaz is busy with sending messages on the internet.
Some powers take advantage of this situation.
Then I see some miscreants going towards Nawaz Shareef’s house.
I said to myself that there is definitely something wrong and I start running towards Nawaz Shareef’s house.
When I reach there I find some miscreants on one side of the house and then I use a different entrance to go inside, there is a big hall there and it leads to different paths.
I am looking for the way that will lead me to Nawaz Shareef’s room.
Then I see some Army Commandos coming from one side and it feels like Army is also trying to help and protect Nawaz Shareef.
When I see all this I said to myself that if something happens to Nawaz Shareef then the situation will get out of control and that is why the Army is here to protect him.
Army commandos are also heading towards Nawaz Shareef’s room.
Then suddenly the news came out that Nawaz Shareef has died and upon hearing this I said to myself that perhaps the Army has been late to arrive at the spot.
After walking around I arrive in a big room where Maryam Nawaz is present and she is crying and says that ‘’Someone has killed my father.’’
Upon seeing this I expressed grief on the situation as whatever happened was very bad.
Then I leave from there, I see some miscreants but I manage to escape from there, but during this time the news about the demise of Nawaz Shareef is spread all over the country and there is chaos everywhere.
The enemies of Pakistan try to take advantage of the situation and spread unrest and anarchy everywhere. so much so that the situation gets out of control and even the Army is not able to handle it.
The scenes in the dream were very scary and disturbing.
When the calamities befall Pakistan and the circumstances get worse then the events unfold as I propagated through my dreams.
When people witness that the events are happening as I have seen in my dreams and shared them, then they start following my dreams even more and believe in them. (Dream ends).

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