Divine Dreams – Allah and Muhammad SAWS in Qasim Dreams

Dream about End of Palestine, War in Saudi Arabia, and Middle East


In a dream on 19th March, 2017, I saw that the president of USA went to Israel to visit Israel, I said that there must be something due to which the president of Usa went to Israel, I have to find out that what they are going to meet about, I wore a suit and went to Israel in a plane type machine, president of Usa and prime minister of Israel gathered in a building to meet, I said that I have to inside it and if Allah willed then no one will recognize me, I took Allah’s name and went inside, no one stopped me as they thought that I was there to be a part of the meeting also and Im an undercover spy secret agency, there was huge hall in the building and there were many people in it, and I kept an eye on the president of Usa and prime minister of Israel, then they both went in the corner of the room to a cabin type area, and I went there after them, and they sat there and started talking, I said that I have to go near them otherwise I wont know what they are talking about, till now no one has recognized me and they wont be able to recognize me either, they were talking while sitting on chairs and I stood near them as if i were an undercover officer of some secret agency, and they both started talking.

Israels prime minister said that I have almost completed the secret temple of Dajjal, and soon only the name of Palestine will be left, and soon we will rule the entire middle east, upon hearing this I became surprised that they already built the temple of Dajjal and I do not even know, I came out from there in a state of worry, and I started to go towards Palestine, and I saw that the army of Israel was going break the houses of Palestine, and small children of Palestine were running with their mothers, I became saddened on seeing those small children that a great trial is coming in them, how will they survive and who will help them? Then I saw that all of them were going into the building from which I came, I said that why are you going towards this building where the plans for your slaughter are being made? The women said that where will we take these small children of ours then? We have no other way, perhaps they will kill us but let the children go, I became even more saddened on hearing this,I said that those people are very oppressive and they have made a plan to finish everyone.

I hurriedly boarded my plane and went to find the temple of Dajjal so that I would be able to destroy it before it is completed, and soon I found the temple of Dajjal, when I went near the temple then it was a brown coloured building, and it was completed. Before I could do anything Dajjal came out of his temple hurriedly, upon seeing this I said that I have came late and now its too late to do anything, and then Dajjal started some act and I said that he is going to do something lets get out of here. Just as I turned a blast occurred and a storm started and sand and dust started blowing everywhere, and big buildings started to get destroyed, and the home of Muslims began to be destroyed very badly, I thought about those kids and I tried to find them in the storm, but the storm was too big and due to it the light of the sun couldnt reach the earth, and the temperature fell very low also and then I saw those women and kids from far, upon seeing those kids I said that how will they survive under the open sky in this low temperature? I tried a lot to reach them but the sandstorm was so much that I couldnt reach them, and I grieved over my helplessness, that alas that I couldn’t do anything for these children, and nor will anyone come to their help in this storm, only Allah can help them, that sandstorm kept on spreading and it spread destruction everywhere, and I said that Qasim lets go back if this machine stops working then you will be trapped here also, and then I came towards Pakistan, and the dream ended there.

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