Imran Khan, if Umar Farooq RA can be questioned, then why cant you be asked?

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18th August 2020

In this dream I see that I am sitting in a big room where other people are also gathered. I start narrating my dreams about Imran Khan loudly there and some people start taking interest in what I have to say, because the state of Pakistan is similar to my dreams. Some of those people start saying that the promises Imran Khan had made, he has not been able to fulfil them. In fact the exact opposite of those promises has happened.

While this is happening, the door to the room opens, and Imran Khan walks inside in anger. He says to those people that he is running the Government correctly, and he is doing whatever is possible for him. I start speaking louder at this point, and ask Imran Khan, what happened to those promises that you made during elections? Promises to look after the poor, reduce corruption and price increase? Imran Khan gets angrier upon hearing this and says, I am running the country fine, and this is usually how countries are run. He then begins explaining his achievements in Pakistan.

Imran Khan then walks towards the door, and then I say loudly, that you gave examples of Hazrat Umar RA, that near the river even if a dog slept thirsty for one night, Umar RA would have to answer to Allah for this. Since you have become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, so many people have slept hungry every day, will you not be held accountable for them? You used to say yourself that a common man had asked Hazrat Umar RA about where he got his clothes from? So if Umar RA can be asked, then why cant you be asked? Upon hearing this Imran Khan stops as if he has come to a sudden realisation.

I say that you have failed Pakistan but you are not willing to accept this, and you also know that the dreams I have seen about you are all true. I have done my best to give you the message of these dreams. These dreams indicated the reasons for your failures, and also how indications so that you can save yourself and your Government from disaster. I worked hard, and tried my best to get these dreams to you, but I could not get your attention or reach you.

I see Imran Khan is regretful upon hearing this, and then he leaves the room. When he reaches outside, I reach out and try to hold him back and while I do this, I say, if my dreams about you have come true, then my dreams about the development of Pakistan and the happiness for the people of Pakistan to come will also be true. Imran Khan stops and turns around to look at me. I see hope in his eyes and I hear him say if his dreams about me are true, then Pakistan will surely develop and prosper as per his dreams. And so what if I failed, at least there will be happiness in Pakistan.

Dream Ends.

Imran Khan, if Umar RA can be questioned then why can’t you?

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