Allah and Muhammad SAWS in Qasim Dreams

Pak Army Mushkilat Mai, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ ki Khwab me Ziyarat

Assalamo alaykum. My name is Muhammad Qasim. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I saw this dream on 4th December,2015.I didn’t knoe where I was going but somewhere, I supplicated to Allah ﷻ to let me walk on the path of Muhammad ﷺ and let me do such works by which you shall become happy.
After that I saw a huge and tall building and I went inside then I went ahead and reached the roof of the building and said that ‘’This is the time when Allah ﷻ will talk to me.’’
So just after that Allah ﷻ started to talk to me from the sky and said that ‘’Qasim I am sending a powerful big black helicopter for you and then I will teach you how to fly it.’’
After some time the helicopter arrived and Allah ﷻ told me about the helicopter and how to fly it, and I flew it but I couldn’t fly it correctly.
Then I learned how to fly the helicopter and I flew the helicopter and brought it near The Army of Pakistan.
Pakistan’s Army was ready to go on some mission, so I asked them to take me along with them, ‘’I have been given this helicopter by Allah, ﷻ and Allah ﷻ and Muhammad ﷺ has told me that, ‘’Qasim one day the Muslim Ummah will need you to take them out of darkness.’’
Then the Army Chief said that ‘’Thank you for your help, you should take rest, we are enough for this operation,’’ so I said that ‘’as you wish.’’
Pakistan’s Army came out for an operation and I went with them a bit far and then I went to another direction.
And then the night fell, and I slept in the helicopter and Muhammad ﷺ came in my dream and said that ‘’Qasim, Pakistan Army is getting trapped in a hardships and their ammo is also going to finish.’’
Then I woke up and started to find a way to get to Pakistan Army but i didn’t find them.
I said ‘’Pakistan Army is a strong army they can handle it’’ and then I slept again.
Then Muhammad ﷺ came to my dream again and said that ‘’Qasim Pakistan is the last castle of Islam, wake up!, you have to save Pakistan go and help them!’’
Then I woke up and said that ‘’Whenever Muhammad ﷺ comes to my dreams two times then it means that I have to do that work.’’
Then I searched and said ‘’Where has Pakistan Army gone?’’
I asked Allah to show me the way, so the Nur of Allah ﷻ appeared in front of me and I followed that Nur with full speed.
Then I reach the place where Pakistan Army had conducted the operation and I had went ahead were there were some terrorists left and they were becoming powerful.
I killed them with a machine gun but I couldn’t aim correctly and a lot of ammo got wasted but I killed them all.
Then I went ahead and saw that an operation had occurred at another place also, but a few terrorists were still there, I said to myself that ‘’Qasim leave these little terrorists and go and help the Army.’’
So I flew the helicopter once again at high speed, and reached the place where Pakistan Army was conducting the operation.
There was a huge tank like machine which Pakistan’s Army was trying to destroy but it was not getting destroyed and only Army Chief and two helicopters had ammo, the ammo of every one else had finished, and one or two Pakistan helicopters had also been destroyed.
So I opened fire on it the moment I arrived there, my aim wasn’t very correct but I destroyed it with the Help of Allah. ﷻ
Then came a machine which was much bigger than the last one and it fired a missile at Pakistan Army helicopters and I destroyed that missile in the air.
I said to Pakistan Army that ‘’You all go away and let me fight with this machine’’, so Pakistan Army went to a side and I went in front of the machine and fired two small missiles at it and those missiles exploded after going inside the machine and the machine got destroyed.
After that Pakistan Army raised the slogan of Allahu Akbar and everyone became happy.
Army Chief said that ‘’You destroyed the machine with ease, we should have listened to you before, you came in the niche of time otherwise our ammo was almost finished and that machine was also not getting destroyed.’’
I said that ‘’I had told you before but anyway Allah ﷻ brought me here at the right time and I destroyed the machines with the Help of Allah, ﷻ Allah ﷻ has sent this helicopter, no machine can withstand it.’’ (Dream ends).JazakAllah Khairan.

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