Why Did Pakistan Come Into Being? A 1400 Year Old Secret.

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Why Did Pakistan Come into Being? A 1400 Year Old Secret

I saw a dream in 2006, where I asked, “O Allah ﷻ why did you create Pakistan?” Every vice is present in Pakistan. There is no peace or prosperity there is Injustice and oppression everywhere.

Then Allah ﷻ told me “Qasim, 1400 years ago when Muhammed ﷺ was present in this world, He often used to supplicate to me.” That “O Allah ﷻ near qiyamah (day of judgement) create such a country whose name is la ilaha illallah (there is no God but Allahﷻ)”.

“And when my Islam would become weak in the entire world, then let it rise from this country into the entire world”.

I heard Allah ﷻ say, “Qasim I accepted this supplication of Muhammad ﷺ. Then I decided to make Pakistan. And Qasim I will defend Pakistan and I will save Pakistan”.


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